Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Week 3: 35 points

Do I get any points for turning 30? Because I did that just a few days ago, though admittedly it would go on this week. Oh well, I think I'll skip giving myself random points, as that would cause me to lose 2 for taking the easy way. Besides, I already get a point for filling out the damn survey, plus another for posting a blog during the week (which could easily be a mid-week update, but which I missed this week anyway). Here's the breakdown:

Relationship: 5/5

Home: 1/5
Pathetic. I didn't walk the dogs three times (I did twice; but in all fairness, I was gone all week), didn't update the budget, and didn't clean a room in the house. I did help around the house, though. Even though I was only home for one day, I did dishes and laundry and stuff. Go me.

Diet/Health: 12/17
This week, I failed to drink 8 glasses of water a day, failed to eat my daily fruits and vegetables (as always), and succumbed to multiple drinks at dinner. In all fairness, my best friend and I went out to Uchi, my favorite Austin restaurant, for my birthday. Even if we didn't order multiple drinks (we did), one of the chefs bought us a round of drinks after accidentally smashing a glass, a shard of which I caught in mid-air. Still, I managed only a single meal involving red meat, which I consider a personal triumph.

Exercise: 6/7
Weight: 165.4, up from last week, and certainly 163 or higher. Hopefully everything will come down soon. I've been trying really hard, going so far as to workout everyday this week rather than simply three times.

Self-Improvement: 7/9
I actually did a lot of these this week. The only points I missed were for standing up for myself, which I have already accomplished for the current week (more on that later). All in all, a good self-improvement week.

Mind: 4/7
I did no manual dexterity work, whatever that is. I didn't post a mid-week blog. I missed the crossword one day last week. Not too bad, though. I've been doing more than my fair share of reading, actually working on multiple books at a time. Right now, I'm reading The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy and re-reading A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving. Both very good so far (even if APFOM is a big more anti-War, anti-Republican than I generally like).

I'll try to post again soon. For now, I'm out . . . .

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