Friday, February 20, 2009

Quick Update

I know I've been neglecting my posting duties lately. My laptop's battery is dead, and I haven't had a chance to go get a new one yet. Unfortunately, all of my chart data is on the laptop, so I can't access it. I'm on my work laptop right now. I'll post updates for the past few weeks as soon as I can . . . .

Monday, February 2, 2009

Week 4: 28 Points

That's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I was sick most of the week, even staying in bed all day twice (which contributed to my high average for number of hours of sleep). Because of that, I didn't eat well, didn't get all my workouts in, and was kind of a lazy shit most of the week. But I also managed to come in under weight this week (162.9), probably a direct result of being sick. Unfortunately, this week is February, so I have to drop even more (I was already 164.4 this morning) to get that point back.

Relationship: 5/5
It's so easy.

Home: 2/5
Being sick and out of town, I didn't even have an opportunity to walk the dogs (but they did get walked). I feel like I should get extra points for cleaning and stuff, but I won't take them. We put our house on the market yesterday, so we spent the weekend decluttering and packing everything up to get the house show-ready. Our realtor was amazed at what all we had done, saying, "I could have an open house hear right NOW!" In all fairness, we're pretty clean people anyway, but it's amazing how open your house looks when you take away all the little pictures and things, too.

Diet/Health: 6/17
Not good. Like I said, I was sick. I still probably should have eaten better, but it's difficult when you just feel like eating soup and drinking water. And even still, I didn't get my 8 glasses a day in.

Exercise: 1/7
Thank God I lost weight this week, or I would have to punch myself for this one. In all fairness, on one of the days that I was able to work out, I did it for 3 hours. Maybe that's why I was sick later in the week . . . .

Self-Improvement: 9/9
Very good. I stood up for both myself and my wife this week. Incidentally, I think I should get the points for standing up for her, too. We are going to be moving soon and are looking at houses in our new city. My wife and I are always surrounded by people who have opinions about everything (and LOVE to share them). Sometimes I get a little sensitive when her family (especially sister) tells her what a bad idea something is, especially when it is nobody's business but ours. I love them all dearly, but she is very impressionable, and I think that it's important that we establish some boundaries on a few things. Meredith was talking to her sister about buying a bigger house, and she went off on her like she was an idiot for even considering it. When she got off the phone, I told Meredith how insulted and offended I was and that it emasculated me for other people to act like they had any say in things that are very strictly husband-and-wife decisions. She agreed but said that it's hard for her to stand up to people when it comes to stuff like that. I told her, "I understand, but remember, you're just just standing up for you now, you're standing up for me, too." There was a lot of tension in the air, but it was something that I think I needed to say.

Mind: 5/7
No crossword and no manual dexterity. I missed the crossword when I was sick. It was the last thing I felt like doing.

Again, I'm sorry about the problem with my comments. I'm actually going to call blogspot sometime and try to figure out what the problem is. Until then, if you have comments, please just shoot me an e-mail. I don't want to post the address on here, but Lesli has it.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Prognosis: Negative

I'm going to have such a low score this week. I have been in bed sick for the past two days, which means that I am not working out or eating right (though I should be) or running the dogs or anything like that. I'll get a few points for helping around the house this weekend and, if I stay sick, being under my target weight, but for the most part this is shaping up to be a bad week.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Week 3: 35 points

Do I get any points for turning 30? Because I did that just a few days ago, though admittedly it would go on this week. Oh well, I think I'll skip giving myself random points, as that would cause me to lose 2 for taking the easy way. Besides, I already get a point for filling out the damn survey, plus another for posting a blog during the week (which could easily be a mid-week update, but which I missed this week anyway). Here's the breakdown:

Relationship: 5/5

Home: 1/5
Pathetic. I didn't walk the dogs three times (I did twice; but in all fairness, I was gone all week), didn't update the budget, and didn't clean a room in the house. I did help around the house, though. Even though I was only home for one day, I did dishes and laundry and stuff. Go me.

Diet/Health: 12/17
This week, I failed to drink 8 glasses of water a day, failed to eat my daily fruits and vegetables (as always), and succumbed to multiple drinks at dinner. In all fairness, my best friend and I went out to Uchi, my favorite Austin restaurant, for my birthday. Even if we didn't order multiple drinks (we did), one of the chefs bought us a round of drinks after accidentally smashing a glass, a shard of which I caught in mid-air. Still, I managed only a single meal involving red meat, which I consider a personal triumph.

Exercise: 6/7
Weight: 165.4, up from last week, and certainly 163 or higher. Hopefully everything will come down soon. I've been trying really hard, going so far as to workout everyday this week rather than simply three times.

Self-Improvement: 7/9
I actually did a lot of these this week. The only points I missed were for standing up for myself, which I have already accomplished for the current week (more on that later). All in all, a good self-improvement week.

Mind: 4/7
I did no manual dexterity work, whatever that is. I didn't post a mid-week blog. I missed the crossword one day last week. Not too bad, though. I've been doing more than my fair share of reading, actually working on multiple books at a time. Right now, I'm reading The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy and re-reading A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving. Both very good so far (even if APFOM is a big more anti-War, anti-Republican than I generally like).

I'll try to post again soon. For now, I'm out . . . .

Monday, January 19, 2009

Week 2: 36 Points

That's right. I doubled my score. Excellent! Still only 72%, but given last week's abysmal 18 points, I'll take it. There were a few areas I know I can do better, but there are also a few that will be much harder in the weeks to come when school and work start back up. Here's the break down for this week:

Relationship: 5/5
Nothing more to be said. I got everything done. Yay!

Home: 3/5
Not bad, but still not great. As I mentioned before, I cleaned the baseboards and counted that as cleaning a room. Saturday, I emptied out our garage and threw stuff away, organized, put things back very orderly, etc. I even washed the floor and scrubbed the baseboards and walls of the garage. I wish I had taken a before and after pic, but I didn't think of it until everything was laying in my front yard, and I wasn't about to put it all back just for a before shot. The only points I missed here were those for walking the dogs. I did it twice, but the third time didn't come until yesterday (Sunday). Unfortunately, that means that I lost 2 points last week. Luckily, since my weeks start on Sunday, I already have a third of my dog walking done this week! I'll probably have to fit in another round today, since I am about to leave for the week (school starts tomorrow).

Diet/Health: 14/17
Much, much, much better. The only points I missed here were for 2 fruits and 3 vegetables and for eating fish twice a week. I had a fish and shrimp dish at P.F. Chang's last week and took the leftovers home. But I ate all the seafood out of it before leaving the restaurant, because it's generally not that good leftover. So I didn't get to count it as a second fish meal when I had the leftovers for lunch the next day. Oh well. 14/17's not too bad. Incidentally, the 8 glasses of water has indeed become easier, as my mom said it would. Also, I managed a full 8 hours of sleep per night last week! Unfortunately, I don't give myself bonus points for going above and beyond, but I sure feel rested (if a little under the weather this week from allergies).

Exercise: 6/7
I couldn't make my weight limit. I was 164.4 Saturday, above the 162.9 it would have taken to make it under the cutoff. Better luck this week. I did get all of my running and crunches in, though. I was a bit sore, but now I'm feeling a lot better.

Self-Improvement: 3/9
Still needs some work. There were no compliments this week. I didn't spend much time around strangers, having spent the majority of the week next to my phone waiting to hear back about job offers (I got one; should hear back from the rest this week). And although I did get one compliment ("This is the coolest coffee mug I've ever seen!"), I didn't count it. My coffee cup can add that to its list. I also lost points for not finding a moment to stand up for myself (though I have already scored those points for this week -- more later) and for taking the easy way out (I think for walking my dogs just to the mailbox and counting it as a walk, but I don't honestly remember. The bitch of that is that I didn't even get the points for walking the dogs).

Mind: 5/7
No manual dexterity (I wanted to play my guitar but didn't get a chance) or news watching. I watched everyday but forgot on Sunday of all days. Points lost. Other than that, not too bad.

On another note, Lesli tells me that my comments are broken. I'll try to get that sorted out. For now, I'm off to eat some breakfast and spend some time with Meredith before she goes to work. School starts tomorrow . . . .

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Clean a Room

I just crawled around my entire house on my hands and knees scrubbing my baseboards. Rooms, closets, bathrooms, behind furniture, etc. Now I'm about to exterminate -- spraying along every wall/floor intersection. Although that's not technically cleaning an entire room, I'm counting it.

Meanwhile, I have my phone on extra loud AND vibrate. I am getting a little anxious about this job hunt. Why won't anyone call me?!?!?!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jobs & Game Improvement

I'm really on edge right now. I've been in (post high) school for 12 years now, and it feels like an eternity. English degree. Law degree. Electrical engineering degree. I'm so ready to be done. I've had four interviews in the past few weeks, and every one of them should theoretically let me know any day this week. I say theoretically because they all said they "hope" to let me know this week.

I don't know whether I should be more excited or more worried as the days pass. On the one hand, if they haven't let me know yet then they haven't rejected me yet. On the other hand, most of these kinds of jobs will call you if you're hired and send you a letter if you aren't. Letters take longer to reach a recipient than a phone call. My stomach has been in knots this week, I have two simultaneous fever blisters, and now there's blood in my stool (sorry). My wife will tell you, I NEVER stress about anything, so this has her slightly freaked out. It's just weird that after all this time, I may know where I'm going to be living and what I'm going to be doing for the next several years (at least) within a few minutes of any moment. Crazy.

On a brighter note, my game is going much better this week already. I've worked out, gotten extra sleep, read, and walked my dogs. And it's only Tuesday! I should be good for those categories this week, as I'm staying in San Antonio chilling at the house all week. I forgot to watch the news on Sunday, so that's out, and I've missed 2 fruits and 3 vegetables each day so far (by one or the other; never both). I'm guessing a few other things will fail by the end of the week, but as long as I improve on my 18 from last week, I'll feel pretty decent! :o)